• Do you have a learning difference like dyslexia, ADD/ADHD or high functioning autism?
    Is school or college a struggle?
    We can help!

    Coaching for specific learning difficulties (SpLD)

  • Are you an out-of-the-box thinker?

    Some of the most interesting and exciting people don't easily fit into the box of mainstream education. It is often the case that they have an SpLD.


    What's an SpLD?


    It stands for Specific Learning Difficulty - though we prefer the word 'Difference' because that's what makes each person unique. It's the way we learn and process information and generally includes dyslexia, dyspraxia, ADD/ADHD and high functioning autism. We all have stress at some point, but people with SpLDs are more prone, with lower confidence and self-esteem. Sometimes it's not an SpLD; perhaps it's anxiety, depression, a difference in processing or a combination of these things.


    That's why we want to offer SpLD coaching: an on-line specialist who works individually with students on their learning journey, but also liaises with parents at the start to find the best subject tutors for their child. 


    Making a difference for SpLD


    Life and learning can be hard for people with SpLDs. We want to make it a little bit easier. Actually, we want to make it a whole lot better, but we're starting small and working towards that big change.


    The Learning Difference: SpLD Coaching is our first step to get there.

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    To make The Learning Difference: SpLD Coaching a reality, we're running an Indiegogo campaign. 
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  • Why are we doing this?

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    Numbers, numbers, numbers

    Are you a statistic?
    There are approximately 9.8 million people in the UK with an SpLD. In the USA that number is higher. What can these people do if mainstream education isn't adequately supporting  their needs?
    People with SpLDs have higher drop-out and exclusion rates, more often ending up in low paid jobs or even prison. Finding an independent specialist school is one solution but it's expensive. Some start at £7000 per term. 
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    School is cool - right?

    Not always.
    Hollywood icon and director of multiple blockbuster movies, Steven Spielberg said: 'I was two years behind my entire class and I had to go through what everyone goes through - teasing.'
    Think back to your school days ... maybe you're still at school, or a parent. Are you or your child one of the statistics and learning is a constant struggle?
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    Why aren't teachers helping?

    Workload and pressure
    In mainstream education, teachers have whole classes of students, each with their own way of learning, and that's before we include students from diverse cultures and languages. It's a huge task, especially if there's not enough time, money or support.
    So what can we do to help?
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    A coach who understands learning difference

    And works with you individually
    I'm a teacher but see myself as a learning coach because each student and I work together. We improve things like memory, concentration and organisation. I'm also one of their biggest supporters, cheering them on to learning success. Sadly this kind of coaching isn't readily available; there's also a limit to the number of people I can see in a day.



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    An affordable option

    To makes things better
    What if you had your own virtual learning coach?  They do what I do, except on-line. Now you get a chance to master skills to help you get on top of things.
    What a difference to your learning experience! Your confidence and self-esteem can grow. You can progress, achieve...succeed.
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    A unique platform 

    Greater interactivity
    SpLD coaches, teachers and learners would use our unique Syncroni platform which offers greater interactivity.
    This matters especially when we're talking about learning difference because research shows that technology - especially when it's interactive - increases engagement, which leads to better learning. 
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    Why on-line?

    A virtual benefit

    Being virtual or on-line is actually an advantage here because it makes our coaching accessible to more people, for example those with social anxiety or challenges that make a physical classroom difficult.


    Best of all, it makes individualised coaching and tuition more affordable.

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    SpLD coaching for potential

    The Learning Difference
    We think our SpLD coaching concept is awesome for its potential to change the lives of people with SpLDs: an on-line specialist who not only works individually with students on their learning journey, but also liaises with parents at the start to find the best subject tutors for their child. 
    Because it's about making things better for people with a different way of learning, we thought we'd call it The Learning Difference.
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    To start The Learning Difference: SpLD Coaching, we're running an Indiegogo campaign. 
    We'd REALLY appreciate any and all support you can give.
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  • Who We Are

    Meet the passionate people of The Learning Difference: SpLD Coaching.

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    Heather Longworth

    An experienced teacher and trainer in loads of subjects, and Member of the British Psychological Society, Heather has worked with students of all ages on their learning journey.
    What really gets her out of bed in the morning is her passion to help learners with SpLDs reach their highest potential.
    She dreams of a new world with a completely different education system - that caters for ALL learners - but first things first!
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    Karl Soanes

    Co-founder & Syncroni creator
    The Syncroni platform is Karl's brainchild. He's an out-of-the-box thinker who feels that SpLDs definitely make people more interesting.
    What's great about Karl is how he sees any problem as a chance to find a new solution.
    As a serial entrepreneur - he's really good at business! - he has masses of experience in anything and everything. So he's just the right man to get us started.
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    Roy Goddard

    Software developer
    & Project manager
    Roy is great, especially because he's a wizard at making technology magic happen.
    A software developer and project manager, Roy is a professional software engineer who's also done training and lots of complicated stuff for different companies. He's clever like that! 
    Without Roy, our unique Syncroni platform would never have become a reality.
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